Farrah Abraham Takes a Beating for Announcing Her Dog's Pregnancy

Farrah Abraham might not be adopting a baby just yet, but her family is expanding anyway! This week, Farrah was slammed for announcing her dog's pregnancy -- although, this is Farrah, so what did you expect? 


It all started when, in a Snapchat video that Farrah later also shared on Instagram, Farrah filmed herself telling her daughter, Sophia, that their Pomeranian, Posh, is expecting. It included footage of the ultrasound and the news that the babies will arrive in 20 days, and Sophia looked pretty excited at the idea of new puppies -- as any kid would be.

But the backlash was almost immediate, and the comments on the post chastised Farrah for contributing to overpopulation of dogs by not having her pooch spayed.

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Farrah didn't seem too bothered by the comments, though. In fact, later, she shared another photo related to the news -- this time, a pic of Posh and her babby daddy, looking like the proud parents they're about to be. Both dressed in stylish sweaters, mind you. 

We know -- it seems hard to accept Farrah as a mother to anyone but Sophia, especially since her parenting skills are questionable. Fortunately, though, Posh should have the instincts to care for her own babies, and hopefully they'll all arrive happy and healthy in a few weeks.

And let's be real: If Farrah keeps these puppies, they're going to live in the lap of luxury. Will they receive thousands of dollars every time they lose a tooth like Sophia? It wouldn't surprise us in the slightest.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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