Vanessa Hudgens's 'Grease: Live' Performance in Memory of Her Dad Will Make You Cry All the Tears (VIDEO)

Vanessa Hudggens Grease Live

Sunday night's production of Grease: Live received mixed reviews, but one thing's for sure -- Vanessa Hudgens gave a stunning performance, just hours after sharing the heartbreaking news that she'd lost her father to cancer.


A few hours before the show was scheduled to air live, the actress shared the devastating news that her father had died the night before.  

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Any father would be so proud of such a talented, accomplished daughter, who, of course, knew that the show must go on.

And go on Vanessa did, with a completely enthralling and heartfelt performance -- bringing life to one of the greatest characters in the musical, the nuanced "bad girl" Rizzo.

From Vanessa's breathtaking performance of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do"...

... to her fab send-up of that goody-two-shoes, Sandra Dee ...

... Vanessa showed the world that she's a serious talent.

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My heart breaks to think that her daddy couldn't see that performance ... though I like to think that somehow, somewhere, he did. And that his love and support is something Vanessa will carry in her heart for the rest of her life, and what is surely going to be a long and successful career, doing something she loves. I'm sure her daddy is so proud.



Image via Tommy Garcia/FOX

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