14 Hot Pics From Jenelle Evans's Recent Vacation With David Eason

Lauren Brown | Feb 1, 2016 TV
14 Hot Pics From Jenelle Evans's Recent Vacation With David Eason

Jenelle EvansIf there's one thing that Jenelle Evans knows how to do right, it's vacation. From picking the spots (this time the beaches of Key Biscayne and Key West in Florida), to the vacation-wear (the teeniest tiniest bikinis we ever did see), this Teen Mom 2 star knows how to make us jealous while relaxing and soaking up the sun. One thing she's not quite so good at? Finding Mr. Right. But hopefully we aren't being deceived, because it looks like this time Jenelle has figured out how to have it all -- true love with David Eason and hot vacation pics too!

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We're willing to admit it -- Jenelle Evans has posted some crazy pictures in her day. Not to mention that her choice in romantic partners has been less than stellar. But this time we really believe that Jenelle Evans has found her love match with David Eason, which is why we can't get enough of these pictures of the two of them together. From fun in the sun, biking around the beach, and taking in some good rest and relaxation, these two seemed to have a vacation that was amazing and drama-free. It's so refreshing to see Jenelle be silly and calm -- it almost makes us forget the arrests, the baby-daddy drama, and of course, drama with mom Babs. Take a look at our favorite shots!

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