Steven Avery Sends a New Message to His Supporters (PHOTO)

steven averyAfter years of relative silence, Steven Avery is suddenly being a lot more communicative. First the subject of Making a Murderer wrote a letter to a news station disputing his former fiancée's claims that he's guilty; now he's written a note to his supporters via his new attorney, Kathleen Zellner. 


Apparently Avery is feeling more confident about the possibility of someday being exonerated in the light of Making a Murderer's popularity (and the hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions asking that he receive a new trial). Of course his contact with the outside world is limited from behind prison bars, but with the help of Zellner, he's now sending the following message:

"To My Supporter's: I want Every Forensic Test Possible Done B/c I am Innocent." 

Wow. Well, he's definitely sticking with his story. But is it true? Maybe, as Zellner claims, her new evidence really will clear Avery's name.

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Either way, Avery seems determined to remain hopeful. As his friend and former fiancée Sandy Greenman recently told People

"It's not just [that he's got a new] lawyer, it's the people. It makes him smile. It's a firestorm. I didn't expect it to be this big. We have messages from all over, different countries, different states. It's nice to know that people support us." 

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"It just seems like it gives more hope to Steve."


Image via Netflix

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