Kailyn Lowry Is Accused of Neglecting Her Family

This girl just can't win! Kailyn Lowry has been accused of abandoning her family, just because she took a couple of weeks "off" to work on herself and recover from extensive plastic surgery. Seriously, are haters gonna hate or what?


The Teen Mom 2 star has been responding to her critics on Twitter, defending her deep, deep love for her husband, Javi Marroquin, and two sons, Isaac and Lincoln.

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When she was accused of being away from her family too long, and neglecting to care for them, she responded that her naysayers must be on drugs or something.

It's true, she did have two parties just before she took off for Miami for her surgery -- a birthday party for Isaac, and a going-away party for Javi.

Check out this cute dino-themed party she threw for Isaac's sixth birthday!

Happy birthday to the boy who made me mom. I cannot believe he's 6 already! �

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And Javi wasn't left out. He's recently deployed, and Kail made sure that he had the opportunity to spend time with loved ones before he left to serve our country.

We definitely don't have it all together, but together we have it all. � #positivevibes

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As for the jerks who think that Kail made a bad financial investment in plastic surgery, she reiterated the importance of caring for yourself as a mom. It's true -- if mama isn't happy, no one is happy. So many moms lose sight of taking care of themselves, but Kail seems to have her priorities straight.

Good for Kailyn, standing up for herself and laughing off the jerks criticizing her. Besides, she's back home in Delaware with her boys now -- looking and feeling more fabulous than ever. 


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