Chris Soules Is Suing a Dating Site for Using His 'Bachelor' Story

We have to admit, we saw this one coming. Chris Soules is suing dating site for using his likeness in their advertisements. To make matters worse, the ad insinuates he was unlucky in love because he chose a city girl over a country gal. Oy!


While the ad doesn't use Chris's name, it does use his story, and it's pretty obvious who the site is alluding to in the campaign. Seriously, they couldn't have gone with anything other than "a bachelor farmer in search of love"? Poor form, guys. Poor form.

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Chris filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, seeking compensation for the alleged use of his image as well as the cost of legal fees.

Good for him. It's bad enough to go through a very public breakup like the one Chris endured in front of the entire world, but to have that heartbreak then used to sell memberships to a dating site is not cool. We're not entirely sure how the suit will stand up in court (believe it or not, we aren't lawyers, and binge-watching old eps of Law & Order apparently still wouldn't help us pass the bar), but it's important that Chris is standing up for himself, or at least his likeness.

While we're sure many women will find their own Prince Farmings on, Chris obviously isn't going to be one of them.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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