Catherine Lowe Has Been Hiding a Heartbreaking Insecurity From Sean (VIDEO)

Many of us struggle with insecurities and anxieties that our partners may fail to understand -- celebrities are no exception. On Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Catherine Lowe confessed she deals with a major body insecurity, and that it's having a negative effect on her marriage to Sean Lowe.


The couple, who met on The Bachelor and are expecting their first child together, agreed to appear on the reality TV show in order to strengthen their relationship and improve their communication skills. It seems like they'll make a breakthrough on the next episode, because a sneak peek clip shows Catherine, 29, admitting to Sean, 32, that something her sister used to say to her when they were kids still messes with her mind.

Catherine's older sister used to call her a "pig," she revealed, and her words "traumatized" her. "I've never felt like I was okay in a bathing suit," Giudice said while in tears. "I can't go on these trips, and I know that hurts Sean because these are experiences that we're missing."

Here's the heartbreaking clip:

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As an outsider looking in, it's easy to say, "What is Catherine seeing? She's perfect." But what the world, or her husband, thinks about her body means zilch if she isn't secure with herself. It's frightening to think a remark her sister made years ago still impacts her daily life, but this should serve as a reminder that words stick and that kindness is crucial in life.

The positive news here, I hope, is that Catherine's revelation is her first step forward in getting the help she needs to deal with her body insecurities so that she can live a happier life. We aren't on earth long enough to waste time obsessing about calories and our body measurements, but if it were that easy for us to all believe this without outside help, we'd be a lot happier. There's no shame is seeking professional counseling for the issues that prevent us from being truly happy, and I applaud Catherine and Sean's courage and efforts to become better people and a stronger couple.


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