'Making a Murderer' Reporter Shares Mysteries About the Case That Still Nag at Him a Decade Later

Aaron Keller

Remember the handsome silver-haired reporter who popped up quite a bit in Netflix's wildly popular documentary Making a Murderer? He was working for an NBC Wisconsin affiliate at the time and was often seen asking questions during post-trial news conferences. His name is Aaron Keller, and he recently opened up to Rolling Stone about some questions he'd asked during the Steven Avery trial that he is still wondering about years later.


If you'll recall from the documentary, Avery's fingerprints weren't found on Teresa Halbach's vehicle. Keller told Rolling Stone that he seems to recollect a deluge around the time Halbach went missing, and he wonders if that may have potentially washed away fingerprints. Weather Underground's records indicate there was indeed a thunderstorm in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, on November 5, 2005 -- two days after Halbach was reported missing. Hmm...

Keller also questions the validity of the claim that Steven Avery was the last person to see Terese Halbach alive. (And I think a lot of folks who've watched the documentary may have been wondering about this too.) Keller says that that piece of news had been broken by WBAY-TV in Green Bay, but he wants to know how they got that info -- from Avery? From law enforcement? He tells Rolling Stone that Channel 2 in Green Bay was "pretty tight" with law enforcement. Interesting...

With so much info being thrown around in the media about this case, it's enough to make a person's head spin. But it's pretty intriguing to hear now from some of the folks we saw in the doc who were entrenched in the Avery case at the time everything was unfolding.

At the heart of this story is a young woman whose life was brutally taken from her. Hopefully all this talk will lead to something significant for the case.

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For more on what Keller has to say, check out his full interview:


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