5 Signs That a 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Is Definitely, Probably Happening

Gilmore Girls

Ever since we heard that our beloved Gilmore Girls is supposedly returning to the small screen, we've been eagerly awaiting official confirmation from ... anyone! So far, no dice. But that doesn't mean we haven't been collecting what we like to call Proof of the Revival of Our Dreams.


And we're pretty sure that this is really, really happening. Let's take a look at the evidence, shall we?

May, 2015:

Months before the big "reveal" that there is a four-part Netflix miniseries in progress, Scott Patterson -- aka our beloved Luke -- takes part in a Gilmore Guys podcast and gives serious hints about the possibilities of a reunion.

"There are talks going on at the moment," Patterson says. "I can't really go into any detail, but there is some activity. So I'm hopeful, and you know, I'm in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration. They deserve it."


Months go by, and then ... the aforementioned "news" that four 90-minute revival episodes will apear on Netflix explodes ... and then: ...

October 19, 2015:

Lauren Graham tweets this:

Lorelai, you teasing minx, you!

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December 30, 2015:

A fellow Gilmore Girls fan snaps photos of the old Gilmore Girls set at the Warner Bros. studio ... looking revitalized! Not only can we see a fresh coat of paint on Miss Patty's studio, but we also get additional "evidence" of Stars Hollow coming to life.

January 16, 2016:

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Netlix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos tells reporters, "I can't tell you much about Gilmore Girls."

AND THEN HE SAYS ... "We're still working on buttoning down everything before our announcements."

That means announcements must be coming ... right?!

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January 21, 2016:

Keiko Agena shares an Instagram of herself ... hanging out with "the Real-Life Lane Kim"!

With the REAL LIFE Lane Kim, Helen Pai. :) Good things are coming... â�¤ï¸ï¿½

A photo posted by keikoagena (@keikoagena) on

(Pai is a longtime friend of Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino ... and Lane's band's name, Hep Alien, is an anagram for "Helen Pai.") (AMAZING, RIGHT?)

Good things are indeed coming ... we can feel it!


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