Kyle Richards Put Faye Resnick & Kathryn Edwards in the Same Room -- Big Mistake

In what was one of the most awkward Real Housewives of Beverly Hills moments ever, Kyle Richards invited both new friend Kathryn Edwards and old friend Faye Resnick to her not-so-casual barbecue. Considering Faye wrote about Kathryn in her post–O.J. Simpson tell-all, this probably wasn't the brightest idea.


In her book Faye alleges that Kathryn's then-husband Marcus Allen was having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson. She also says Kathryn knew but turned a blind eye to the infidelity. Not surprisingly, Kathryn has always held a grudge towards Faye, whom she had never met until this RHOBH event.

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We kind of have to wonder if the producers put Kyle up to this, or if Faye asked Kyle for screen time (albeit really awkward screen time), because if we were friends with both of these ladies, we'd make damn sure we never put them in the same place together.

While Faye wanted to avoid any O.J. talk with Kathryn, the former model couldn't go through an entire evening without confronting her. Unfortunately for Kathryn, their exchange was completely anticlimactic. In fact, if we were Kathryn, we'd be even more livid after speaking directly with Faye. She really brushed off Kathryn's feelings, and Kyle stuck up for Faye by announcing to the entire table that she's been a perfect friend to her all of these years.

Why does it feel like Kathryn isn't done talking about this? And why do we think we're going to see an awful lot of Faye this season, or at least for the next few episodes? The whole thing makes us feel really icky, although we'd rather watch these awkward scenes than listen to the women gossip about Yolanda Foster's illness, which is just plain wrong.


Image via Andrew Eccles/Bravo

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