Farrah Abraham Applies Full Makeup to Daughter Sophia's Face

If you caught Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, you couldn't help but notice Farrah Abraham apply full makeup to daughter Sophia. We're not just talking a hint of lip gloss -- the 6-year-old received the works, and naturally fans are in an uproar over it.


Time and time again, Farrah has spoken out about how Sophia likes to wear makeup because she admires her mom's look, but this feels like an awful lot of product just to go visit Grandma. Heck, if she was getting the kid ready for a dance recital we'd give her a pass, but come on, lady. She's visiting her grandmother!

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We really don't like to pass judgment on anyone's parenting choices, but if Farrah could ease up on gussying up her little girl, it would send a really nice message about embracing natural beauty to Sophia. Plus, what does the kid have to look forward to if she's allowed to go nuts with Mom's makeup bag now? For many of us growing up, it felt like getting to wear makeup was a rite of passage that came later as a tween or teen. For Sophia it's all, "Been there, done that."

Farrah gets a lot of flack for her parenting and life decisions, but she honestly can't expect for people not to react when she makes such bold choices. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't trust her mom to take care of Sophia, but goes and does stuff like this.

We really want to support you, Farrah. You just make it so tough sometimes!


Image via Barry Brown/Splash News

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