Ben Higgins & His Contestants Go Vegas on 'The Bachelor'

Just in case you're getting a little bored of the Bachelor mansion, never fear -- it's time for some traveling! First stop? Vegas, where Ben Higgins and his women enjoyed two one-on-one dates, a group date, and yep, even the dreaded two-on-one. And plenty of drama, of course. 


This week's one-on-ones went to JoJo and Becca. Ben took JoJo on a very cliché, very typical Bachelor helicopter-and-fireworks date, while Becca got to help him marry couples at a Vegas chapel after Ben got ordained (yes, for real). 

Oh, and as for the group date? It was a talent show, which resulted in Olivia popping out of a cake, doing a sexy dance, and proceeding to have a panic attack after putting herself so far out there like that. And if you thought that this would mean that Olivia's going home and we wouldn't get to be entertained by her antics anymore, don't worry. She's here to stay. She got the last rose, of course, but she's staying.

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But one of the biggest moments from the episode? When Ben decided to have a two-on-one date with both Emily and Haley -- yep, the twins. He had to decide who he wanted to keep between them, and in the end, after visiting their Vegas home with them and meeting their mom, he decided to send Haley home and take Emily back with him. 

Yes, there were tons of tears, but it had to happen eventually! And honestly, now we can at least tell the girls apart, since there's only one of them left on the show.

Next week, it looks like there's going to be a TON of drama as Olivia's feud with the rest of the women finally comes to a head. We can't wait! 


Image via Ronda Churchill/ABC

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