Adam Lind Goes Off on His Worst Racist, Homophobic Rant Yet

What could he possibly have been thinking? Adam Lind went on a racists rant against an Instagram follower over the weekend -- and pretty much reminded us all why he only gets supervised visitation with his daughter Aubree.


Chelsea Houska's ex was not pleased with an African-American named Khris, who accused the Teen Mom 2 star of abusing steroids. Lind has been accused of using steroids in the past, both by fans and ex-girlfriends, but he's always claimed that he's never touched the stuff.

But instead of ignoring the accusation from the random social media follower, Lind decided to engage in a nasty, racist, homophobic back-and-forth, and even challenge him to a fight.

According to Radar Online, Aubree and Paislee's dad responded to the commenter, "F***ing c**n, calm you're a** down before you get lumped up punk ... Like I said, if you wanna bump your big a** gums come to Sioux Falls, SD, and let's go."

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Then Khris called Adam a "fake bodybuilder," and a "skinny fat f**," to which the reality star responded with, "You stupid n**** all you're gonna do is run your mouth ... Just remember, you're the one who knows an awful lot about me?? You've been following teen mom for sometime now ... Who's the real f**? Haha, keep supporting my salary boy."

What the hell brought that on? If he really felt the need to respond, a simple "You don't know what you're talking about" would have sufficed just fine. Then again, this is Adam Lind we're talking about. He's not exactly known for his propriety.


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