Jenelle Evans Accuses Nathan Griffith of Stealing Her Car

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith may no longer be together, but that doesn't mean the drama between them will ever end! And this time around, it involves some pretty serious accusations. Jenelle says that Nathan stole her car while she was in Miami -- yikes! 


In a series of tweets, Jenelle let Nathan (and her followers) know that when she got home from vacation, her car was missing, and she's definitely not happy about it. The tweets have since been deleted, but fortunately, Starcasm was able to grab screen captures of them, which you can see here.

The tweets said: 

I cannot believe u stole my car while I was gone. U left your son without any way of transportation, see you in court !!!! I get it.. U wanted all of kaisers stuff to prove in court that u "bought" him things. Thanks for taking the stroller. 

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Jenelle went on to say that fortunately she still had Kaiser's car seat, but Nathan can have her car since she didn't want to risk getting in trouble with police by going back to get it from him.

Oh, Jenelle. There's never a dull moment, is there?! Not cool of Nathan to take her car, though, especially if this means that she has to go buy a new one -- and replace all of the stuff that was in it. Maybe it'll strengthen her case for full custody of Kaiser?

Here's hoping these two work this one out peacefully -- if that's even a possibility! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram 

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