'Real Housewives of Potomac' Star Gizelle Bryant Can't Catch a Break With Her Castmates

The Real Housewives of Potomac got off to a rocky start last week with what felt like some really forced drama over etiquette. In an effort to fix her alleged wrongdoings, Gizelle Bryant attempted to make nice with Charisse Jackson Jordan and Karen Huger, but that didn't exactly go as planned.


Charisse and Karen seem to be the most obsessed with etiquette out of the Potomac bunch, yet they weren't willing to flex their gracious muscles and get over any issues with Gizelle. The woman sent a car service to bring them to lunch and had the chauffeur deliver handwritten notes. None of it was enough for her "friends" to accept her apology. Does this sound crazy to anyone else?

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I'm also still really confused as to why Gizelle didn't mention that she was at Charisse's house early for her crab boil because she was actually the one boiling the crabs for the event. Anyone who wrestles crustaceans to help a friend out deserves a pass, no matter how crazy you think they're acting, am I right?

Personally, it still feels like the ladies are holding on to this drama and building up their place in high society simply to get screen time. I'm holding out hope that as the cameras continue to roll everyone will settle in and we'll get to some real drama that goes far beyond this silly etiquette business.

And, please ladies, forgive Gizelle. I, for one, am still struggling to see just what she did wrong. Then again, I probably lack the etiquette to understand.


Image via Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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