14 'Bachelor' Alums Who Are Destined to Be Single & Alone Forever (PHOTOS)

You know that saying, "there's someone for everyone"? Well, that may not actually be true, and the proof is on The Bachelor. Over the years, the show has introduced us to plenty of people who may not ever find their perfect match, whether it's because they're never going to settle down, or because they're plain old mean. 


Of course, it's hard to judge someone just based on what we've seen on reality TV, but when it's the only thing we can go by? It's hard to imagine that some of these people will ever find the right person for them, especially after Chris Harrison wasn't able to help them! Check out some of the people of Bachelor Nation who may well end up single forever. For the record, we hope we're wrong about at least a few of these!


Image via ABC

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