Tina Fey Mocks Sarah Palin's Cray Endorsement of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

tina fey Comedy fans had just one thought when Sarah Palin gave her recent, rambling endorsement of Donald Trump: Please, God, let Tina Fey make fun of this on Saturday Night Live. And last night, we got our wish!! Fey returned to SNL along with fellow alum Darrell Hammond for a ridiculously spot-on parody of the (already pretty ridiculous) speech, and it's everything we hoped for and more.


Fey's impersonation skills just get better and better, with her deliciously delirious Palin getting loopier by the second. Hammond's Trump, meanwhile, is so perfect we had to keep reminding ourselves that we weren't watching the real thing:

Can we just nominate these two for commander in chief and VP? Seriously, I'm not even sure Fey changed the words of Palin's bizarro rant (okay, maybe the "pro bowler with an abscessed molar" wasn't part of the original, but the rest sounded disturbingly familiar). And Hammond's bit was equally on the mark. (Because didn't it look like Trump was thinking all those things during Palin's speech? If there had been a thought bubble over the guy's head, we're pretty sure "I hope nobody's allergic to nuts, because we got a big one here" is what it would have said.) 

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If there's one thing about Palin's reappearance in the news we can be thankful for, it's that we can expect more performances like this one from Tina Fey! (And yes, that's the ONLY thing we can be thankful for.)


Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

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