Steven Avery Speaks Out for First Time Since 'Making a Murderer' Premiered

steven averyYou've seen the documentary and have been reading everything you can get your hands on. Now, you can hear what Steven Avery has to say. For the first time since the doc premiered, Avery is speaking out. He's written a letter from behind bars. What's gotten him riled up? His ex-fiancée Jodi Stachowski's sudden claim that the Making a Murderer subject is guilty.


Stachowski's claim that Steven Avery is guilty has already been disputed by the MAM filmmakers; now Avery himself is responding to his former flame's allegations. And guess what? Perhaps unsurprisingly, Avery says Stachowski is lying.

Though Stachowski was portrayed as a supportive (some might say supportive to a fault) partner in the documentary series, she recently gave an interview to HLN in which she said that she believes Avery is guilty because he also threatened to kill her, as well as her family and a friend.

"I was in a bath and he threatened to throw a blow dryer in there and he told me he could get away with it," she said.

Stachowski also said that she asked to be removed from MAM, a claim which the filmmakers immediately disputed. And now Avery is likewise challenging Stachowski's allegations. In a three-page letter to Fox6 News (some of which was typed and some of which was handwritten), Avery said that "threats against her and her family are totally untrue. Jodi must have been pressured by the state to change her story."

steven avery letter

"She would never have said anything bad about me, due to the fact that she wanted to marry me," he added.

steven avery letter

"Why would Jodi now made accusations contrary to what she said on my 10-hour documentary unless Jodi was threatened in some way by the state of Wisconsin," Avery pointed out.

steven avery letter

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Of course all of this is exactly what we would expect Avery to say about the whole thing, but he does have a point. Even if she's telling the truth, Stachowski's radical change of heart makes her seem less than credible -- although one does have to wonder what made her break up with Avery and seemingly disappear at the end of MAM. Was it pressure from the state of Wisconsin, as Avery says, or fear of Avery himself?

If Avery is really innocent, as he says, then the most chilling passage of his letter is also true:

"The real killer is still out there," he wrote. "Who is he stalking now? 10 years free somewhere to kill again."

"I am really innocent of this case, and that is the truth," he ended the letter.

"This is from Steven A. Avery. The truth will set me free."

Above all else, let's hope that the truth -- whatever it is -- brings some closure and peace to Teresa Halbach's family and friends. 

See more about Avery's correspondence with Fox6 News here:



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