15 TV Characters Everybody Loves to Hate

Dwyer Frame | May 15, 2016 TV
15 TV Characters Everybody Loves to Hate

Maybe it's the allure of the bad boy, or dare we say maybe we're jealous these characters get away with what they do (wouldn't it be nice to say what you really think once in a while?). All we know is we love the antiheroes because they're real — and bad is just so good sometimes! 

That said, we hope we never run into one of these 19 TV characters we love to hate. Before you click, take this as fair warning that some spoilers may appear.


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  • Luscious Lyon in 'Empire'


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    As his ex-wife Cookie put it, “Everything you touch, you destroy. Look what you did to my sons.” It seems like karma has finally come around for Luscious Lyon, now in prison for murder, but if it weren't for him we'd have no Empire

  • Noah & Alison in 'The Affair'


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    They're entitled and selfish, but that doesn't stop us from coming back for more on this show. The more we watch, the more we realize they're both monsters who tore up two decent marriages pretty much because they were bored. 

  • Hannah Horvath in 'Girls'


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    Many on this list are people who've killed, but for some reason, Hannah Horvath (played brilliantly by Lena Dunham) is one of the characters you might have a hard time loving, at all. She's selfish, she's narcissistic, and does she even care about her friends? But part of this show is watching her grow up, and hopefully that means becoming a better person, because let's face it -- we all weren't perfect in our post-college years either. 

  • Don Draper in 'Mad Men'


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    Another antihero to add to the mix. We feel bad about Don's upbringing, but that's no excuse for his masochistic and drunken ways. Perhaps we let it all slide because he is so darn cool?

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  • Annalise Keating in 'How to Get Away With Murder'


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    She's a complicated lawyer who rarely does the right thing, but for some reason, we find ourselves rooting for her at times. This show overall is good, but Annalise Keating is the reason why we tune in every week. 

  • Frank Underwood in 'House of Cards'


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    Sometimes we really want to throw Frank Underwood in front of a train, but we keep bingeing on the show to see just how far he'll go for political gains, even if that means a murder here or there.

  • Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'


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    At first, we felt bad for terminally ill Walter White on Breaking Bad, but once he started killing people we were conflicted on how we should feel. In the end, we did still root for him, and maybe that is why we were sad to see this show go. 

  • Thomas Barrow in 'Downton Abbey'


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    He always seems to be scheming and he likes to manipulate his coworkers to do the dirty work for him. But we still feel bad for Thomas Barrow. He's a closet homosexual who can't let anyone know because it's a crime, and because of his antics, he lacks both friends and support -- but he sort of brought that on himself. 

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  • Ray Donovan in 'Ray Donovan'


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    When something goes wrong in Hollywood, you call Ray Donovan, the fixer who will lie, murder, and cheat his way to any solution as long as there is a big payday. Although his job is morally questionable, he still loves his family to death. 

  • Mellie Grant in 'Scandal'


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    She's got drive, and she'll rig an election if it means her husband will become president. But does that make her a bad person? We kind of feel sorry for her — after all, she's acting out because her husband is sleeping with Olivia Pope!

  • Red in 'The Blacklist'


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    We're still on the roller coaster ride of The Blacklist. Is Red bad, good, or just a vigilante? We're glued to our seats with anticipation. 

  • Pete Campbell in 'Mad Men"


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    Oh, Pete Campbell, you're a spoiled brat who always needs to get his way, but that's why we love you. Mad Men had so many unlikable characters, it makes us wonder if that was the secret to the show's success. In any case, we could always count on Pete to give that snarky side-eye to get our blood boiling.

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  • Tony Soprano in 'The Sopranos'


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    We can't explain it, but we never wanted Tony Soprano to get whacked. He may have lied, cheated, killed people, and so much more, but when he sat down at his doctor's office and let her in on his inner demons, we saw a softer side that was trying to come out.

  • Larry David in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'


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    He often says out loud the things you think but are way too ashamed to ever repeat. And even though he is a major jerk, we expect it from him, and get a kick out of it. 

  • Dr. Gregory House in 'House'


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    Doctors aren't perfect, as we see with Dr. House, whose had his fair share of problems -- including being addicted to pain pills and just being an arrogant prick. But his comebacks are spot-on, and he saves lives for a living, so we'll let him in our hearts just this once. 

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