Andi Dorfman & Chris Harrison Appear to Be Dating & We Can't Even (PHOTO)

Let's just say we didn't see this one coming. On Thursday, Andi Dorfman posted a photo with Chris Harrison that seems to imply they're dating. Sorry, we should have told you to sit down first.


The image shows Andi and Chris posing cheek-to-cheek with the caption: "Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the wine flow stronger when it comes to @chrisbharrison." The pic was taken at Lure Fishbar in New York (they have another location in Miami).

This development has us all kinds of speechless. In fact, are the walls closing in on us? Is it getting hard to breathe? How is this happening? GAH!

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Seriously, though, if Andi and Chris are an actual thing, this is certainly an interesting turn of events and raises so many questions. Was there an attraction while she was on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Have they been secretly canoodling this entire time? Will it last? Again, so many questions.

One thing's for certain, Chris has a lot of 'splaining to do on the next episode of Bachelor Live. We're really hoping whoever the guest is doesn't let him squirm out of providing some answers. Sigh -- this is going to make for a long weekend.

Image via Jackie Brown/Splash News

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