'Bachelor' Spoof Adds an 'Old' Contestant into the Mix & Hilarity Ensues (VIDEOS)

molly hawkeyEveryone looking for love on The Bachelor is young. By this standard, anyone over the age of 35 is old. Comedian Molly Hawkey decided to do a spoof and insert her own footage into the show as a 37-year-old old lady trying to win the heart of Ben Higgins. My cheeks hurt from laughing.


There would be certain differences if there were "older" ladies on the show. For one, there would be some fitness struggling moments. The young ladies on the show never even seem to be working out even though their bodies look like they spend all day at Zumba.

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Then there is that sort of creepy moment when Hawkey talks about how she has waited long enough for this day -- her date with Ben. And that Ben looks a lot like her nephew who is 23. What's a few years?! The date is playing basketball and I love how she notes that she's in an adult rec league that is number one in the lower division. Fancy.

Sadly, she misses the group date because she spent too much time in the shower shaving her pits -- something happens to us older gals and our hair growth changes. (Why! Why?)

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She goes on to cry because that's what all contestants on these dating shows do (even the older ones), and she laments how she is "not from this weird world" and that she froze her eggs for Ben.

Brilliant! So many hilarious moments here -- we can't forget when she admits that she was into drugs and alcohol when she was a senior in high school and quit the lacrosse team. Obviously, she got passed that. Because, you know, that was a really long time ago for her.

I need this spoof in my life. In fact, it makes me realize that we may really need the Bachelor franchise to up that age requirement.


Image via Molly Hawkey/YouTube

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