Jenelle Evans Gives the Low-Down on Why the Cops Were Called to Her House

We learned earlier this week that the cops were once again summoned to Jenelle Evans's home, but the reason why wasn't clear. Now the Teen Mom 2 star has taken to Twitter to explain exactly what happened last weekend in the altercation between herself, her mom, and her boyfriend.


Apparently, this is one time that Jenelle had nothing to do with the call to the police. According to previous reports, Barbara Evans got into a fight with David Eason and left the house with three children. That, or the cops just wanted her to move her car. You know how rumors are ... it's hard to know what's true when multiple sources tell different stories.

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Anyway, Jenelle cleared it up on Thursday, tweeting that her toddler son Kaiser was never removed from the house. She also said that she was occupied doing her makeup, and that's why she wasn't involved.

She explained that Barbara and David got into a heated argument, at which point he asked her to leave. Barbara? Getting into a yelling match? Never. (Just kidding.)

She also said that her mom did leave with two children, but Kaiser was not one of them. 

In all fairness, Babs does still have full custody of 6-year-old Jace, so she was in her rights to take him, but I have to wonder what happened. How did it turn so quickly from mother-daughter lunch plans to the cops being called?

Whatever went down, I hope that she and her mom make nice soon. That is what's best for the kids, after all.


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