Ben Higgins's Ex-Girlfriend Doesn't Think He'll Put a Ring On It

Okay, who isn't in love with Ben Higgins on The Bachelor yet? He's super sweet and so cute, and whoever ends up with that final rose is a lucky girl ... or is she? According to his ex-girlfriend, Ben's engagement might not last. Yikes! 


Ben's ex, Shaelin Adams, recently talked to Life & Style, and while she had plenty of good things to say about Ben -- like the fact that he's a good kisser and a good dancer and he loves being spontaneous -- she did think that it's way too soon for him to be settling down. Shaelin told the mag:

I'd be shocked if he ends up engaged. He may still be testing the waters. He has so many years to be able to put himself out there.

Um, don't tell that to the women on The Bachelor. They're all convinced they're the next Mrs. Higgins -- especially Olivia Caridi -- so they'd be pretty heartbroken if he wasn't taking the show seriously! 

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Shaelin also adds that since cheating was a problem in Ben's past relationships, he's looking for someone very honest and genuine, so we're sure that'll reflect in Ben's final choice. 

It'll be interesting to see if her predictions end up being true, although we really hope that whoever Ben is with right now ends up being the person he marries. It's obvious he wants to find his happily ever after so much, and we wouldn't want him to be disappointed! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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