Matt Baier Opens Up About His Problems With Amber Portwood

In case you were under the impression that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's relationship was a walk in the park, you couldn't be more wrong. But in case you were worried that that means they might call off their wedding, don't stress. Now, Matt is talking about his relationship problems with Amber openly, and it sounds like everything's good! 


Remember how Amber admitted to "cold feet" on Monday's aftershow? In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, Matt talked about how that doesn't mean that she's regretting her choice to marry him, and according to Matt, "everything is great" between them. 

He told the mag: 

I had questions about [her comments] too. It wasn't cold feet about the wedding. It wasn't about not wanting to get married -- it was that it's now coming up so soon and that she just got very, "OMG, I can't believe I'm actually getting married because I never thought I would."

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Totally understandable! Getting married is huge, so we can't really blame Amber for being a little taken aback about how quickly her big day is coming up. She's been planning it for a long time! 

And speaking of planning? Matt adds that's going well, too, and that Amber is "actually really excited now" about how things are coming together. Good news! 

We can't wait 'til Amber and Matt's big day on October 10. The pictures are going to be gorgeous!


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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