Catherine & Sean Lowe's Puppet Sex Life Role-Play Is TMI (VIDEO)

Wondering what Catherine Giudice and Sean Lowe are like in bed? Of course you're not — but just in case: Catherine and Sean used puppets to act out their sex life on a recent episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


While an audience consisting of Honey Boo Boo's Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear watched on, co-director Ilsa Norman tried to pull Catherine and Sean out of their shells and give everyone something to talk about by asking them about the first time they had sex, something they famously waited until their wedding night to do. The former Bachelor couple were given puppets that looked just enough like them to be super creepy and were then asked to reenact their first night in bed.

Sean, perhaps feeling embarrassed about the situation, immediately made a joke about his stamina: "First one's almost done — we should start on number two." At least Catherine seemed to get a few giggles out of this ... um, until the whole thing became a little too TMI.

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Yes, you heard Catherine right. A "typical" night at their house apparently involves Catherine coming out of the bathroom to find a naked Sean on the bed asking "You got the stuff?" Thanks, Sean, for clarifying the obvious: He means lube.

I'm not sure how this exercise with puppets is meant to strengthen Catherine and Sean's bond or help out the other couples, but it certainly broke the ice (if that was the intention). The way the other couples describe them, Sean and Catherine are a little too reserved and private for reality TV and this was a way for them to connect with the others and open up more about their relatively traditional courtship and relationship.

They're cute. They seem really happy and in love and solid. But I hope they continue to take pride in being that couple on Marriage Boot Camp that doesn't lay it all on the line. And, please, no more creepy puppets.


Image via Rula Kanawait/Press Line Photos/Splash News

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