Taylor McKinney Reveals Why He Took So Long to Propose to Maci Bookout

Awww! We can't get enough of this adorable couple. Taylor McKinney just revealed more details about his engagement to Maci Bookout, and dang ... she is one blessed gal to have such a supportive future husband.


Taylor and Maci have been together three years, live together, and even have a child together, so fans have been giving them a hard time lately about their lack of betrothal. It even seemed to be an issue on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, although Tay was quick to defend their relationship status, saying that MTV had taken some creative licence with the editing.

Anyway, Taylor finally proposed last weekend while they were in Los Angeles filming for a reunion special, and both took to social media about their joy. Even so, some fans wanted to know why it took Jayde's dad so long to pop the question, and weren't afraid to ask him during an online Facebook Q&A.

One person even asked why he felt like it was okay to have a baby without being married. He responded, "Well that wasn't planned but why should I rush a proposal just because we had a baby. I wanted it to still be special to her. It might not be considered the 'right way' but it's the way we ended up and we're all good. Loving every minute of it."

Aww! That's right -- no one can tell another couple how to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. They have to figure it out with each other.

Another commenter wondered why Taylor let Maci "pressure" him into proposing to her, in regards to the aforementioned Teen Mom OG scene. McKinney answered, "You get to see a small portion of it. Don't get it twisted. And that comment was about that conversation at the moment, not ending our relationship."

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Taylor also revealed more about the moment he actually proposed to Maci. He said, "The proposal just came together last minute. But I had been working on the ring with Tara at Ring Finger Studios for a couple months. I told myself I didn't care what anybody else had to say, I was gonna do it when I felt the time was right. And when it hit me I just went with it."

So there you have it! Taylor just wanted everything to be perfect for his lady ... which is exactly what Maci thought all along. It looks like he chose the perfect moment, and we couldn't be happier for them.


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