Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Her Tiny Baby Bump (PHOTO)

It's been a few weeks since the awesome news broke about Ali Fedotowsky's pregnancy, and it looks like the mom-to-be is already showing! Last week, Ali shared a photo of her baby bump, and even though it's teeny tiny right now, it won't be like that for long! 


It's hard to see in the photo -- especially since Ali has always been a skinny minnie -- but you can definitely tell that there's a bump where there wasn't one before. Also, her outfit looks awesome!

How cute is she?! Ali's going to be the most adorable mom!

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We can't wait 'til her bump grows more, because we have a feeling Ali will be sporting some seriously stylish maternity wear. And once the baby's born? Basically a newborn runway model. It's going to be amazing. 

It's clear that Ali and her fiancé, Kevin Manno, are super excited to welcome their new little one into the family. Ali's talked about how much she wants kids for a long time now, so it definitely seems like she's ready for such a life-changing time! 

Congrats, Ali! 

Image via alifedotowsky/Instagram 

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