Cole DeBoer Happily Takes on Daddy Duty to Help a Sick Chelsea Houska

Looks like Cole DeBoer is officially ready to be a daddy! This week, Chelsea Houska wasn't feeling well, so Cole hung out with Aubree and took care of her ... and with super adorable results. 


Cole shared a photo on Instagram of himself and Aubree lounging on the couch, watching a movie together on Monday night. Just when we thought Cole couldn't get any cuter, he goes and does something like this. Seriously, does this not melt your heart?! 

Enjoyin some minion madness tonight with the nugget while mom is a little under the weather. @chelseahouska

A photo posted by Cole DeBoer (@coledeboer) on

We already knew how much Aubree loves him, but now it's even more obvious. They look like they've been old pals for a lifetime! 

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This is far from the first time that Cole has shown off his daddy skills. Photos featuring Aubree frequently appear on his Instagram page, and it seems like by now, they're already best friends. 

We're so thrilled for Chelsea that she's getting the family she's always wanted. We know they'll be so happy together!

So, when's the wedding? We need to know!


Image via coledeboer/Instagram 

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