Cops Get Called to Jenelle Evans's House Again

This girl just can't seem to stay out of trouble with the law! The police were called to Jenelle Evans's house again this past weekend -- but it looks like she wasn't the one involved. According to various reports, it may have been some altercation between her mom, Barbara Evans, and her boyfriend, David Eason.


According to Radar Online, the cops paid a visit to Jenelle and David's house over the weekend, after Eason reportedly called them in. Lt. Brewer of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office claimed that Eason made the call after Babs allegedly showed up and screamed at him.

"He states that his girlfriend’s mother came to the house uninvited, screaming and yelling at him in front of the children and the subject in the house is Barbara Evans," Lt. Brewer said.

Also, the log said that the 911 operator "could hear yelling in the background." There were three kids in the house at the time, and no one appeared to be intoxicated, on drugs, or in possession of any weapons.

According to the same log, "a female left with the children."

Brewer stated, "There was no report taken, because what it appears is that it was a disagreement between him and the mother ... She is the grandmother, so she has rights to have the children, and she left with the children." Presumably one of those kiddos was Jace, whom Barbara has full custody of anyway.

But. A source close to the Teen Mom 2 star told Radar a different tale. The insider claimed that the police did come to the house on Sunday, but that it was because of a parking violation. Apparently Barbara didn't pull into the driveway, but blocked the street instead.

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"The cops told him and Jenelle’s mom that she can’t block the street and needed to pull up more," the source added. "That's all ... Jenelle was inside doing her makeup to go out to lunch with her mom ... That's why she wasn't really involved."

Hmmm ... I'm inclined to believe the police report on this one, and not some anonymous source. But it's nice that Jenelle has friends willing to watch her back.

No matter what happened, I hope they're all able to get along and stay out of police drama in the future.


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