'Making a Murderer' Fans Find New Evidence That Cops Framed Steven Avery

Leave it to the fans! Making a Murderer fans may have just discovered a crucial piece of evidence that could help prove that Steven Avery was set up by law enforcement to take the fall for Teresa Halbach's gruesome murder.


Fans have become gripped by the Netflix docu-drama, which follows the investigation and legal proceedings of a man jailed for a crime he possibly didn't commit. One of the biggest WTF moments in the series was when the authorities found a single key to her car in Avery's trailer -- after his trailer had been swept multiple times for evidence. Oh, and the key was new and shiny, and didn't have any of Teresa's DNA on it.

Jerry Buting, one of the two original lawyers defending Avery for Teresa's murder, recently told Rolling Stone that viewers of the show had found a piece of evidence that they had missed.

"We were only two minds," Buting confessed. "What I'm discovering is that a million minds are better than two. Some of these people online have found things with a screen shot of a picture that we missed."

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The Internet sleuths found a picture of Teresa shortly before her death, clutching a set of keys in her hand while standing next to her car. A set of keys. Keys she presumably had for years and used on a daily basis. How the heck did the pristine and single key end up in Avery's trailer, in plain sight, on the fourth or fifth sweep? How does a car key in the possession of a woman for years not have a single trace of her DNA on it? And what happened to the other keys?

Her other keys were never recovered, and the picture shows that she definitely kept them together. It doesn't necessarily mean he didn't do it ... but it's hard to not think the key was planted by the cops in order to get a conviction.


Image via © Andrew Brookes/Corbis

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