'Making a Murderer' Subject's Ex-Fiancée Reveals Abusive Details of Their Relationship

This story just keeps getting more and more sordid. Making a Murderer is the gripping new Netflix docu-drama following convicted rapist and murderer Steven Avery as he appeals his case and we find out that he probably didn't kill victim Teresa Halbach after all. Now Avery's ex-fiancée has revealed disturbing details about their relationship, and we're left wondering all over again what really happened.


Jodi Stachowski was presented as a loving and loyal partner for the majority of the series, but now claims that she only went along with it because Steven threatened her health and safety. She has gone on record now claiming that she absolutely thinks he's guilty of raping and murdering Halbach, and claims that she was put in similar circumstances at least once.

There was inadmissible evidence in the trial for the 2005 murder that Avery allegedly tied his victim to the bedpost before abusing and killing her. Now Stachowski says that Avery once tied her to the bed as well, with plans to sexually abuse her while videotaping the ordeal.

She says that she was so adamantly against the idea of bondage that Avery eventually backed down and released her.

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Holy crap! There's no way to know if what she's saying is true, or even if Halbach was abused in a similar way before she was murdered, but it makes sense. There has to be a reason she dropped out of Avery's life (and the series) after standing so firmly by his side for so long.

Fear can make us do some pretty crazy things, and murderer or not, Avery does not seem like a man who's above using such tactics. It seems completely possible that Jodi was influenced by his fearmongering, and it adds one more crazy element to this story, making us doubt what really happened to Teresa Halbach.


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