'Bachelorette' Contestant Jubilee Sharpe is a Force to Be Reckoned With

Now that The Bachelor is in full swing this season, we're getting to know Ben Higgins's ladies better and better with every week. And this time around, Monday's episode focused a lot on Jubilee Sharpe. She filled Ben in on her dark past, but what else is there to know about her? 


According to her ABC cast bio, Jubilee is a 25-year-old war veteran from Florida who loves country music, Lord of the Rings, and Netflix. But aside from that, who is she really? Her Instagram and Twitter posts tell a lot. 

On Twitter, Jubilee is outspoken, and she's been defending herself against Bachelor fans who aren't impressed by her tattoos -- and the fact that she opened up to Ben so quickly. She also called herself out on her own resting bitch face syndrome, but let's face it, that happens to all of us! 

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Jubilee's Instagram is populated with photos of herself and her friends, plus she recently celebrated her birthday and ate a delicious dessert to celebrate. And it just so happens that her mom lives down the street from the Bachelor mansion -- coincidence or what?! 

Jubilee seems awesome, and we hope to get to know her even better this season. Hopefully the rest of the contestants learn how cool she is, too, instead of ganging up on her. She seems like a good friend to have! 


Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC

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