Farrah Abraham's Daughter Begs Her for a New Daddy (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham's daughter is ready for her to settle down and find a man, and she's not keeping quiet about it anymore! In a new clip from Teen Mom OG, Sophia demands a dad from Farrah ... and expresses disappointment that things just didn't work out with Farrah's ex, Simon Saran.


It happened when Sophia and her mom went to Missouri to visit Sophia's grandparents -- AKA the late Derek's parents. And since Daddy Derek is gone, and Simon is out of the picture, Sophia's not willing to wait any longer. In fact, Sophia's even a little bossy in this clip. Wonder where she got that from? 

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Sophia's questioning about why her dad passed away really bothers Farrah, though, and she starts crying. Farrah's usually pretty emotional, but this time, we can't blame her. It must be hard to explain to Sophia why she doesn't have a dad, while at the same time missing Derek herself. 

Here's hoping one day Farrah is able to give Sophia the dad she's been looking for -- and a husband or boyfriend who treats her well. We have a feeling Sophia could use the influence of a responsible adult in her life! Maybe one who would advise Farrah give her a little less money from the tooth fairy.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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