'The Bachelor' Gets So Real & a Surprising Contestant Heads Home

After so many seasons of The Bachelor, things tend to get a little predictable. Rose ceremony, one-on-one, hot tubs -- they're all part of the tradition. But Ben Higgins's season might just be the one to shake things up a little. On Monday night's episode, The Bachelor got very real ... and Ben's ladies got very catty.


The group dates and one-on-ones this week were pretty typical; two separate plane rides for Lauren B. and Jubilee plus a soccer game that actually included players from the US women's soccer team. But the most important part of the episode was when Jubilee and Ben had dinner, and she ended up opening up to him in a way we didn't expect.

Jubilee filled Ben in on her past, and it's pretty dark. She lost her entire family in Haiti before being adopted and moving to America, and she hasn't been back since. Ben didn't quite know how to respond, but it was obvious that this formed an even stronger connection between them. 

Then, during the cocktail party, Ben told the women that he'd lost some of his close friends in a plane crash. And after Jubilee comforted him with a massage (yes, with a table, towels, and all), everyone else got pretty catty about the fact that even though she had her date rose, she wanted to spend even more time with him. But wait, isn't that all these contestants do this season?! 

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And then, minutes before the rose ceremony began, something totally shocking happened -- as if this episode didn't have enough twists and turns already. 

Lace pulled Ben aside and told him she needed to leave, because she needs to work on herself before she gets into a relationship. Yep, two episodes in a row, someone has sent herself packing. Hopefully Ben knows it's totally not him, it's them. Because how could it be him? He's so cute!

It's sad to see Lace (and her fun drama) go, but there's so much more to look forward to this season. Example A: Olivia's giant mouth. We have a feeling there's plenty more of that to come!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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