The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' Has a Problem With Etiquette Obsession

It's only Real Housewives of Potomac's first episode, but the drama is already heating up -- and interestingly enough, it seems to revolve around half of the cast's obsession with etiquette.


What's odd, at least to viewers, is the fact that their idea of etiquette seems seriously skewed.

Take, for example, when Gizelle Bryant offers to help Charisse Jackson Jordan cook the crabs for her crab boil. Instead of saying thank you, Charisse barks at Gizelle for being rude, tells her to stay downstairs with her other guests, and bashes her for bringing a friend over to help out.

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Then we have Karen Huger, who seems to take pleasure in telling everyone when they're off their etiquette game -- which, personally, calls her own etiquette into question. She flips out on Gizelle for not giving up the center seat at her birthday dinner and gives her a list of five rules on how to behave at someone else's party.

Are these people for real?

We're hoping that as the season progresses, they back off from their etiquette books a bit and start focusing on real problems. Right now it just seems like they're harping on their own views on manners to create forced drama.


Image via Larry French/Bravo

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