16 Signs Jenelle Evans Has Finally Met Her Match in David Eason

Lauren Brown | Jan 20, 2016 TV
16 Signs Jenelle Evans Has Finally Met Her Match in David Eason

Jenelle EvansOh, Jenelle Evans. There's a lot one can say about her, but one thing is for sure -- this Teen Mom 2 star has not been great at picking boyfriends. From Kieffer (oh, Kieffer), to Courtland, to Nathan, her relationships always seem to end up a volatile mess. Screaming matches were common, and sometimes even the police and courts even became involved. It certainly hasn't always been pretty, to say the least...

But all that being said, we are really hopeful that her new man David Eason just might be the "one" to break the mold and give Jenelle what she's been craving for so long -- a loving, caring, and -- most importantly -- stable relationship!

After everything our girl has been through, she most definitely deserves it. She's come a long way, and we are proud of how she's been able to turn her life around over the years and create a stable home for herself and her kids.

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We don't know what the future holds, but here are 16 reasons why we think David just might be the right dude for her. Hear that, Jenelle? We think he may be a total keeper!

Read on and then let us know -- is David truly the one for Jenelle?


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