Why Jennifer Lopez Actually Stopped Exercising for Her 'Shades of Blue' Role

Jennifer Lopez is known for her killer body and is open about working her butt off to stay in shape. But the actress admits she actually toned down her fitness routine big-time for her role on NBC's new series Shades of Blue -- and you'll be totally surprised by why.


At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour panel for the show, J.Lo says she ditched her regular workouts because she just doesn't think her character -- Detective Harlee Santos -- really cares about that kind of a thing. She even joked that in real life she wears more makeup to bed than Harlee wears in a day.

Honestly, I didn't work out as much. I felt like this character was a little different than maybe who I am in my real life where I'm always kind of having to stay fit and worried about my appearance, and Harlee is not like that.  So it was a little bit of a different thing. I did do boxing. 

Keep in mind, though, that Jen still looks fitter than most of us do on a good day, so we're guessing she didn't tame those workouts all that much. While some might take her comment as a slight against all of us regular women, we think it's more of a testament to the time and effort she has to put into her iconic booty-shaking performances.

And for one scene in particular, J.Lo had to get into the ring and duke it out, which executive producer Barry Levinson says was totally impressive. Apparently Jen was such an animal in the ring, he kept filming more takes because he was so fascinated by her boxing skills.

We were going to do that scene, and rather than rehearse the boxing up front, 'Let's just film and see where it goes.' And literally, I'm almost like the audience, 'Oh, my God. She can really box. There's something here.' So we did a number of takes because I was so fascinated. I mean, she was so fast.  Her hands were just flying. It's one of those moments as a director you just sit back and say, 'This is a lot of fun.'

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You learn something new about J.Lo every day, especially that this is an excellent reminder to never cross her on a bad day. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Jen.

Shades of Blue airs Thurdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.


Image via Peter Kramer/NBC

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