Sean Lowe Thinks Catherine's Voice Is Too Loud (VIDEO)

We loved watching Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici fall in love on The Bachelor, and now that they're expecting a baby together, it seems like their relationship has never been better. But in a clip from an upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp, it sounds like the former Bach has one complaint about his wife. Sean thinks Catherine's voice is too loud -- and not in the way you might think.


In the clip, Sean and Catherine are talking to Divorce Court judge Lynn Toler, and she's expressing her concerns that Sean tends to be overbearing and doesn't take Catherine's feelings into consideration often enough. Sean's response? 

"Her voice is too loud sometimes!" he said. 

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And as Judge Toler suspects, that is how Catherine feels. She's louder because she's frustrated with Sean when he doesn't listen to her, and who could blame her?! 

Fortunately, these kind of struggles are exactly what Marriage Boot Camp is for, so hopefully, they're able to work it out before their time on the show is over. After all, they need to be able to work together when their baby arrives later this year! 

Sean, let Catherine be heard. She's a smart lady!


Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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