Ben Higgins's Approach to 'The Bachelor' Is Unlike Any Other

In full disclosure, we love Ben Higgins. That boy-next-door charm is just adorable. So when we ran into him promoting his season at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, we were a bit starstruck. Our hopes for this dude are high.


Fortunately, we weren't disappointed. And we were pleasantly surprised by how he handled a reporter's question about The Bachelor being a one-sided thing, with Ben having the unfair advantage of being the one who chooses who he'll end up with instead of it being a mutual decision.

Here was my one goal on night one: When I walked into the room I wanted to make it clear that this was a two-way relationship. This isn’t about me being the Bachelor, it never should be. If you don’t feel like this is working, you have every right to say no to this, but if you feel like it’s working and I offer you a rose as a symbolism, if they say yes, I’m assuming this relationship is going in a direction they appreciate and enjoy. But being the Bachelor has never put me in a place of leadership or dictatorship, this is a two-way relationship always.

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Ben admits he kept a journal throughout both The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, but mainly just to remember conversations so that he could follow up with the ladies later about questions he didn't have the chance to ask. He also still has tons of respect for Kaitlyn, which speaks volumes about him, considering not everyone looks at an ex so fondly.

Shawn is one of my best friends. He was both on the season and even after the season. When they were on Bachelor Live when I was on it was the first time I had seen both of them in person since saying good-bye to Kaitlyn. They’re so happy and they’re so supportive of me and loving of me. They really are two of the most incredible people I’ve ever met and we have a really great friendship. That’s what I like. Any time you have a breakup and you can stay friends and have mutual respect for each other, I think life is better.

Can you feel us swooning? Because we are. So. Many. Sighs.


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