Leah Messer's Custody Case Is About to Get Shaken Up Again

If you thought the custody battle between Leah Messer and Corey Simms was over, you couldn't be more wrong. These two aren't backing down when it comes to their girls, and it sounds like they're about to go in for the next round. Very soon, Leah and Corey will be back in court, and another major decision about their custody battle could be made.


According to what a source close to the Teen Mom 2 stars tells Radar Online, Leah and Corey's next court date is January 27, and it could end up resulting in Leah getting her primary custody back -- depending on who you talk to. Apparently, Corey thinks nothing will change because Leah hasn't changed, but Leah's attitude is completely different. 

"She's optimistic. She knows she deserves to get her girls back," the source told the site. 

The one thing that could hurt her, though, is the fact that she's now living with T.R. Dues. The insider adds that it "doesn't look good" that the two of them are sharing a home already, so that could have bearing on the judge's decision.

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It'll definitely be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out. It seems like Leah has made it a priority to get her life in order so she can have primary custody again, but it's all up to the court to decide what happens next. 

Hopefully, the girls are too young to be too affected with what's going on with their parents. They don't deserve the tug of war!


Image via MTV 

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