Steven Avery's Ex-Fiancée Says 'Making a Murderer' Subject Is Totes Guilty (VIDEO)

jodi stachowskiYet another shocking twist for Making a Murderer fans: Steven Avery's former fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, has come forward in an interview for HLN's Nancy Grace to say that Avery is not innocent, despite the fact that she appeared in the series as one of Avery's most dedicated supporters.


Even more shocking, Stachowski says she never loved Avery, and that she only went along with the whole supportive partner thing because he was threatening her from jail and telling her to "make him look good." 

"I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go the hospital and get away from him, and ask them to get the police to help me," she says in the following clip from the interview, seemingly in reference to Avery's history of domestic abuse against her (apparently these claims are backed up by police records, according to Nancy Grace producer Natisha Lance).

"What do you want people to know?" asks Lance.

"The truth," answers Stachowski. "What a monster he is, and he's not innocent."

Whoa. Check it out:

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Could this explain why Stachowski mysteriously dropped out of the series toward the end? Her departure was so strange: For most of the episodes, she seemed to be a perfectly devoted fiancée, and perfectly convinced of Avery's innocence. She was even a willing alibi (while Stachowski was serving jail time for a DUI at the time of Teresa Halbach's murder, she and Avery did speak on the phone during the approximate time Halbach was supposedly being tortured and killed). Then ... she was gone. Even as someone who initially came away from the series fairly certain of Avery's innocence, I must say that part did sort of give me chills. Enough so that this recent statement is making me rethink a lot of the conclusions I came to regarding who killed Teresa Halbach.

According to Lance, Stachowski also told her that the "truth needs to come out now" because of the petitions circulating to free Avery, and because the documentary is "full of a bunch of lies."

But with so many versions of "the truth" floating around out there at this point, will we ever know which one is accurate -- if any? For Teresa Halbach's sake, let's hope so. 


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