'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Gives a Glimpse of His 'Bad Boy' Side

Everyone has been talking about Ben Higgins since he assumed his rightful throne as this year's Bachelor, and what one word is he normally described as? Perfect. It's all over ABC, who has dubbed him the Perfect Ben. But what if he isn't as sweet as he seems? Recently, Ben showed off his bad boy side, but ... it's not quite what you think it is.


In an interview with E!, the network asked him questions to try to reveal some of his dark secrets. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he has any, since the last curse word he used was "damn," and he likes drinking whiskey. Is that all he's got for us?! Come on, Ben! 

The only juicy tidbit he was able to share? He's gotten a speeding ticket before. Um, Ben, that happens to basically everybody. Try harder.

Oh, and he's stolen a parking spot before. Watch out for this guy! 

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Fortunately, what we love most about Ben is the fact that he is such a sweetheart, and it's obvious that the women of his season feel the same way. We don't need a bad boy out of him, just the same sweet, adorable guy we've already fallen in love with. 

But he should totally feel free to go wild at least once in a while. Why isn't he taking outdoor showers like Chris Soules did? We just need to know. For science.


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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