Jenelle Evans Is Totally Team Nicki Minaj -- Sorry, Farrah Abraham

What Teen Mom loyalty? Not even Jenelle Evans -- who is frequently judged for her own parenting skills -- is willing to stand with Farrah Abraham. This week, Jenelle took Nicki Minaj's side in her feud with Farrah -- yikes! 


After Nicki called Farrah out on Twitter for being rude to her mom on Teen Mom OG over the weekend, she and Farrah were locked in a tweet battle that was not for the faint of heart. Of course, we should have known that Jenelle would have an opinion about this, and here it is.

In fact, instead, she's actually just excited that Nicki's a Teen Mom fan, as per her tweet about the situation:


Not exactly the issue at hand, but can you blame Jenelle? That is pretty cool. 

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And that wasn't all Jenelle had to say on the topic, either. Her second tweet about it: 

Judging by the crazy stuff we've seen Jenelle do and the bad decisions she's made (remember the whole Kesha concert fiasco?), we have a feeling that if Nicki ever happened to catch an episode of Teen Mom 2 ... well, don't worry, Jenelle -- that dream may become a reality. 

Actually, can MTV make this a thing? Nicki doing commentary on select episodes of Teen Mom? We'd totally tune in.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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