Lisa Vanderpump's 'RHOBH' Interrogations Are Putting Her on Thin Ice

Thus far on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the gang has largely been getting along really well with one another. Naturally, it feels like that's all about to change.


While the ladies were in the Hamptons celebrating Lisa's Bella magazine cover, the restaurateur started grilling Eileen Davidson pretty heavily on her three marriages, how she met her current husband, and whether they had an affair while each was still married to someone else. It was ... awkward. For some reason Eileen chose not to shut down the questioning, so Lisa just kept probing even more. It didn't go over well.

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Fast-forward to Lisa sharing a car ride with new Housewife Erika Girardi during which she started questioning her on all sorts of uncomfortable subjects. By Lisa's accounts they had a very interesting conversation and it was her way of getting to know Erika better. Erika seems to disagree, also feeling totally uncomfortable.

To make matters worse, when Eileen tried to talk to Lisa about their conversation, her feelings were basically dismissed. Lisa simply could not understand why Eileen didn't just tell her to stop talking about how she met her husband.

Yes, friends, it feels like a storm is brewing here, and it's making us more than a little nervous. Next week's episode is teased with a scene of Eileen crying, talking about a bad time in her life, with Lisa looking skeptical from the sidelines. This doesn't look pretty.


Image via Bennett Raglin/Bravo

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