'Bachelor' Star Olivia Caridi Might Not Be as Big of a Villain as She Seems

There may have only been two episodes of The Bachelor so far this season, but the front-runners are already starting to make themselves apparent. One of them is Olivia Caridi, the woman Ben gave his First Impression rose to -- and the one who earned a group date rose and some private time with Ben on Monday night.


It's obvious that Olivia's going to be one to watch this year, and in case you don't know much about her, we did the research for you! 

First things first: the basics. According to her ABC Bachelor bio, Olivia is a 23-year-old news anchor from Austin, Texas, who loves Titanic, cold weather, and hot chocolate -- although let's be real, don't we all? She also says she doesn't embarrass easily and admires Katniss Everdeen.

And from her social media accounts, she seems like a normal 23-year-old girl. Her Instagram features #TBT photos, gym photos, and plenty of pics with her friends -- basically like the rest of us. 

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The only fishy things about her are the reports that say she may have dumped her boyfriend for the reason of going on The Bachelor and dating Ben, plus rumors that she's only on the show for fame -- totally not the "right reasons"! 

We'll wait to judge that until after we've seen more episodes, but she may just be getting ahead of herself with her overconfident attitude -- calling herself Olivia Higgins might be a little premature at this point!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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