Farrah Abraham Uses Her Own Daughter to Further Nicki Minaj Feud

Oh geez. You'd think that she could just let it go, but apparently not. Just days after Nicki Minaj provoked Farrah Abraham on Twitter, the Teen Mom OG star has used her daughter to engage the feud even further.


Rap star Nicki Minaj threw some major shade at Farrah on Twitter while she was apparently watching a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, when she called Farrah a c*** for how she treated her mother. In all fairness, Farrah was pretty awful to Debra. Anyway, she could have just it alone and moved on ... but we all know Farrah isn't one to let a feud die easily.

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And this is a whole new level, even for Farrah. Because she decided to get her 6-year-old daughter Sophia involved. Farrah has been managing her daughter's very own social media accounts for a few months now, and on Monday, Sophia Farrah sent out this video.

It's of sweet little Sophia clearly calling Nicki Minaj "a loser." Because I'm so sure she came up with that idea on her own.

The video was accompanied by the caption,  "Nicki Minaj don't say bad WORDS, I don't."

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Oyza. Farrah obviously thrives off of drama, but did she really have to pull her daughter into this? I really hope that Nicki does the right thing and stays far, far away. 


Image via gotpap/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

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