Catherine Lowe's Private Messages to Nick Viall Exposed in Twitter Hack

Poor Catherine Giudici has been dealing with something not so fun lately: a social media hack. Last week Catherine's Twitter was hacked, and her private messages with Nick Viall were exposed to the public. The good news? Nothing scandalous here, just more proof that Catherine's a good friend.


In the messages, Catherine is being an excellent wingwoman by asking Nick if he's interested in being set up with a friend of hers who happens to be warm for Nick's form -- duh, aren't we all? Nick doesn't seem too receptive to the idea, but he's sweet as always. 

According to Us Weekly, Catherine's note said: 

Hi Nick, my friend (the leggy blonde on the right) has been asking about you since Andi’s season but recently was wondering about you more. I’m not sure what your status is but she’s very interested in you and I told her I’d reach out :) Anyway, hope you’re doing well. 

And Nick's reply: 

Hi Catherine! Nice to hear from you. Well I’m not dating anyone at the moment. Set ups are always dicey but I’m sure you’re a good friend. Where does your friend live?

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Far worse things have been revealed in hacks, so we're glad this one was pretty tame. But social media hacks suck, and Catherine posted a video on Instagram about how bummed she was about it. 

Everyone, I'm back :)

A video posted by Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici) on

Fortunately, Catherine seems to have regained total control of her account, and the hacking is not a problem for her. We hope this doesn't happen again! The sweet mama-to-be doesn't deserve it! 


Image via catherinegiuidici/Instagram

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