ABC's Next 'Bachelorette' Might Finally Solve Its Diversity Problem

As much as we love the Bachelor franchise, we don't love its diversity problem. In the show's history, there has never been a minority Bachelor or a black Bachelorette. What gives? Fortunately, there's a possibility the next Bachelorette will be black, which means that's all about to change.


While talking to press at the Television Critics Association winter previews over the weekend, ABC's president Paul Lee let it slip that the next Bachelorette is going to make the show's roster more diverse, which means they've actually been listening to us when we've asked for change! 

And of course, he's not confirming anything, but if the president of the network is giving us a hint, we're going to trust him.

"I'd be very surprised if [the Bachelorette] in the summer isn't diverse," he said. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but it's likely to happen." 

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He also added that they're doing a "whole lot of tweaks" to the show. He didn't mention whether or not they'll be continuing the tradition of choosing a leading lady from the current crop of contestants, but if they are, this season of The Bachelor does give them a few options for a Bachelorette who isn't white, including Amber James, who is on the show for the second season in a row. 

Hopefully, the show follows through with this plan. We'd love to see The Bachelor become more inclusive. Fingers crossed we get to see real change this summer!


Image via ABC

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