Andrew McCarthy's New Role Is as Far From 'Pretty in Pink' as it Gets

If you have a hard time separating your favorite iconic '80s movie characters from the actors who play them, well, join the club. But you'll be very interested to know that Pretty in Pink's Blaine (ahem, accomplished actor and director Andrew McCarthy) is tackling a new TV role -- and it's about as far from his famed '80s alter ego as you can get.


Andrew stars in ABC's new suspense drama The Family and he depicts a -- wait for it -- sex offender named Hank. Not exactly the rich playboy we know him to play.

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At the Disney-ABC portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California, The Family's creator, Jenna Bans, admits that Andrew was the most "normal" person who read for the role, and it turns out that you actually might root for him when you watch. Which is weird, because, again, sex offender. Bans said:

One of my favorite little tidbits about casting Andrew was I was sitting on the set on the first episode and the script supervisor, who hadn't been with us for the pilot but was for the filming of the first episode, was like, 'Oh, I love Hank.' And I was like, 'I do, too. But you realize he's a convicted sex offender?' And she was like, 'I know, but I love him.'

Not missing a beat, Andrew added:

It's because she loved Pretty in Pink.

It's funny because it's probably true. There wasn't a woman in attendance at the Family press panel who didn't still have hearts in her eyes for Blaine.

The Family premieres March 3 at 9/8c on ABC.


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