Farrah Abraham & Nicki Minaj Caught in an Epic Twitter Feud

Anyone who's seen Teen Mom or Teen Mom OG already knows that Farrah Abraham and her mom have a very strained relationship, and that Farrah's way of talking to her mother isn't always very kind. But now that a certain outspoken rapper has seen it for herself? She's speaking up. Over the weekend, Farrah and Nicki Minaj engaged in an epic twitter fight, and it wasn't pretty. 


The feud began when Nicki called Farrah out after watching the season premiere of Teen Mom OG. She wasn't too impressed with Farrah and Debra's conversations, and she wanted everybody to know about it.

And since Farrah has never been the type to back down from confrontation, she didn't let this go. She wasted no time in jumping right into the ring, to no one's surprise. 


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And of course, Nicki responded in kind as the feud heated up: 

And then, once again, it was Farrah's turn.

The feud died down after that, once Nicki had the chance to correct Farrah's grammar, of course. Either way, this fight isn't one we're going to forget anytime soon -- mostly because it's so entertaining! 

Of course, Nicki totally picked this fight that could have been avoided, but she definitely had a point. It's no wonder that Farrah and Debra don't get along, if Farrah talks to her that way. That lady raised you! Be nice to her! 

Maybe Farrah will think twice before she's rude to her mom on camera? Eh, probably not, but we can dream! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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